Beaver Risk Assessments

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve had to write a (5 page) risk assessment so that the Beaver troop (that that I’m one of the leaders of) can return to some sort of face-to-face meeting (albeit two metres apart).

It’s amusing to me how writing risk assessments has some parallels with programming. A lot of programming is expecting things to go wrong and dealing with them (when downloading a file, is the internet connection there, does the site exist, does the file exist on the site, are we allowed access to it, is it taking too long to download, is it too big).

Risk assessments are much maligned by some people who see them as too much bureaucracy. And they are no fun at all to write but, like writing tests for code, mean that you can know you’ve covered most bases and if the unexpected happens you’re prepared.

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